Always on the lookout for ways to enhance the quality of its provision, Norfolk House Nursery has taken the innovative step of appointing specialist consultants in the areas of children’s health and nutrition. Hayley Fox, Senior Nursery Manager, said that the appointments covered both Norfolk Road and Harborne Road settings in Edgasbton and added, “We are delighted to be able to add these extra dimensions to the care we offer. We have always regarded the welfare of children as paramount, and recognised that robust health is the ideal foundation for development and future progress. Having dedicated, expert advice readily at hand for health and dietary issues is a natural extension of our approach.”

Julia Headland has been appointed as the nursery’s Registered Health Visitor. She is a Registered General Nurse and runs her own private health visiting business. She commented, “I am proud to be the in-house Health Visitor for the Norfolk House Nursery providing specialist advice and guidance on children’s health and developmental issues. The consultations while I am working at Norfolk House Nursery are confidential and free of charge. Parents can see me either by making an appointment or when dropping off or collecting their child from the nursery on pre-arranged dates.”

Sarah Hanratty of the Brain Food and Nutrition Clinic is the Clinical Nutritionist chosen to provide the nursery with specialist advice and support. She said, “I think the nursery goes the extra mile to create nutritionally balanced menus for the children. It has managed to achieve the delicate balance of providing meals that children love to eat that also meet their nutritional requirements. The weekly menus are well-thought out, taking great care to consider the specific nutrient needs of this age group.”