With one more sleep until the Cinderella Ballet trip to the Hippodrome Theatre the children in the Reception and Year 1 classes were enthralled by a wonderful workshop linked to Birmingham Royal Ballet’s tour. Today, to continue our enjoyment and passion for dance, we were extremely fortunate to take part in an inspirational session which was run by Mrs Pickford, a parent of a child at Norfolk House School.

Our young children gasped at the beauty of Cinderella’s tutu which cost £2000 to make and then felt the weight of Prince Charming’s jacket first hand. We were also intrigued to find out that the Ugly Sister called Dumpy is zipped into a fat-suit for the performance. Mrs Pickford gave us an insight into the scenery and backstage secrets showing us photographs of the ‘magic’ that takes place as the Fairy Godmother magically appears through the fireplace and makes wishes come true.

Demonstrating the innovative ballet choreography of the Birmingham Royal Ballet, Mrs Pickford mesmerised the boys as she explained the strength needed for male principal dancers to complete extraordinary ballet lifts. We saw photographs of the mice in the Cinderella production who are just children themselves and then inevitably the workshop had Norfolk House School children scurrying around the hall like mice, stopping on command with feet in first position. The children’s creativity was further encouraged as they transformed their bodies from a pumpkin shape into various objects. Of course we could not have a ballet class without chanting “Good toes, good toes, yes, yes, yes; naughty toes, naughty toes no, no, no !” whilst perfecting our toe exercises.

A memorable time was had by all and we thank Mrs Pickford sincerely for providing a wonderful balletic experience and inspiring our young children.


Reporter: Mrs Hifle

Head of Lower School