Meet the Forest School Leader

Forest Schools

The Forest Schools initiative has gained nationwide recognition as a highly effective way of introducing children to the great outdoors, while at the same time enabling them to develop a wide range of transferable skills. Whatever the weather, our children will be found making dens and shelters, lighting campfires, learning about the natural environment and how to cherish it, practising basic survival skills and bushcraft and benefiting from lots of fresh air.

We believe that the Forest Schools programme provides an excellent vehicle for learning and development. Children have a great affinity with the natural world. It arouses their curiosity and inspires wonder. It is a superb environment in which to assimilate knowledge and develop all manner of skills such as teamwork, good communication, problem solving, self-confidence, risk awareness and a positive mental attitude.

Susie Pitt from ‘Take a Leaf, attends once a week and shares our passion about outdoor learning. She is a qualified primary teacher with over 10 years’ experience, a private tutor and freelance Forest Schools teacher who strongly believes that children need to get outdoors, explore the world around them and learn through play and adventure.

She says

‘At the heart of Take a Leaf is the ability to tailor each session to the children’s needs. With ten years teaching experience I have the expertise to summarise the child’s abilities in order to progress their learning effectively. I am incredibly passionate about how children should learn and that is through experiencing real life problem solving, risk taking and healthy outdoor adventure!’

Alison Galbraith, Nursery Manager, has undertaken training in Forest Schools and oversees the programme implemented by ‘Take a Leaf’. Should you wish to learn more about the Forest Schools Programme at Norfolk House Nursery, Alison would be only too pleased to discuss it with you.