Are you school ready?

Starting school can be an exciting and worrying time for children and their families. But with good preparation and open communication, the transition can be made with ease, resulting in a positive experience for both the child and the parent.

To help the transition, the child’s key person will discuss the transition with parents providing tips to ensure their child is school ready. We also write to the parents requesting information about the school and permission for Norfolk House to contact them.

Once permission is sought, we contact the school to book a visit for the new teacher to come and visit our nursery. The new teacher will meet with the child’s key person to discuss the child’s needs and their learning journey. The learning journey tracker is also sent to the new school along with the transition form and the most recent development summary.

To help the child, photographs of the school are collated and positive language is used to help them feel confident and secure about their next transition. We also show them around Norfolk House School so they can get familiar with a uniform and school setting. Finally, we make the child’s last day at Norfolk House Nursery, a special celebration!