We are very excited to announce that on Thursday 16th April we are having a visit from best-selling children’s author, Natalie Pritchard. Natalie Pritchard is the author of the Sea School Stories series of books – Monty the Manatee and Sully the Seahorse. Monty tells the story of a manatee who is picked on by the other sea creatures during his first day at sea school.  The story is a heart-warming tale about friendship and kindness and is currently a best-seller on Amazon.

Her latest release, Sully the Seahorse, is a beautiful story about a seahorse who longs to be a super-fast fish or gigantic strong whale. Poor Sully never wins anything! The tale follows Sully on his race for victory where he discovers he’s special in his own unique way.  Sea School Stories is an inspiring series which aims to encourage emotional intelligence in children, in a fun and engaging way!

Natalie will be presenting a special story-telling session to the pupils, followed by smaller craft workshops.  We hope that the visit will have a positive impact on all the pupils and will help inspire some great writing.

Pupils will get the chance to ask Natalie any questions about the story and about being an author. Natalie will also be talking to the pupils about the importance of kindness and celebrating individuality.

Natalie, who used to be a feature writer for a local newspaper, currently works as a primary school teacher and is a Mum to two young boys. More information is available on the author by visiting www.seaschoolstories.co.uk