Meet the Cook

Lesley Timms

I am Lesley Timms, the Nursery Cook. I have worked in catering for 25 years, 7 of which have been spent in nurseries. My qualifications and experience help me to provide children with home cooked meals which are both tasty and nutritious.

I love been involved in nursery life and all the children greet me with smile when I take their meals to them. Fresh drinking water, healthy cordials and fruit are always available for children whenever they are thirsty or hungry. Parents are kept fully informed on a daily basis of their child’s intake of food and drink, and I also attend Parents Evenings at which you can sample some of my cooking. I really enjoy working in partnership with parents: I provide recipe cards so that you can try our meals at home, and there are meal suggestion forms which provide us with a constant source of fresh ideas.

Our menus are designed with input from everyone at the nursery, and the Senior Nursery Manager has received training in menu nutrition to ensure we are providing everything children need in their meals.

Norfolk House has a very welcoming and ‘family like’ atmosphere and we are very happy with the care that our child is receiving.!