Your daily challenge activity for today is to:-

1.   See how many different creative ways you can write your name

2.   Write three things that you really enjoy doing at home 

3.   Can you write three things you enjoy doing at Nursery

4.   Can you draw a self-portrait and label each body part?

5.   Can you write how old you are and how old you will be on your next birthday

For babies your daily challenge is to:-

1.   Can you create your own edible paint?

2.   Can you create your own food textured sensory bin using soft and hard textures

3.   Can you make sensory bottles or bags, adding textures, colours, sounds and smells.

4.   Using a box or a piece of card encourage your child thread different materials through holes to practice their fine motor skills.

5.   Using cornflour, conditioner and food colouring (optional) mix them together an create sensory dough and use it then to make your own creations.