Today’s Daily challenge:

1.    Can you use any type of resource from around your house to make a water raft boat or ship? You can use carton containers or maybe straws to make your own raft. 

2.    Can you use your creation to put into water? Does it float? Maybe you could have a boat race with a sibling or parent? 

3.    Today is a very rainy day. Can you use a paper or a paper plate to make your own umbrella design? You can make this as colourful as you want.

4.    Can you make your own rain stick? Using a tube or container can you decorate it and then put rice into the container and seal it? Can you use this to make sounds of the rain? 

5.    Can you use a container to make your own water gauge can you leave this in your garden or outside your house today and show us how much rain you collect in your container 

6.   Can you create your very own campsite in your house, can you make it nice and toasty. What do you think happens when you go camping? 

7.   Can you create your own liquid rainbow here is a link for how to make it

8.  Can you create your own ladybird pictures? Pre School can you enhance on this and tell me the life cycle of the ladybird you can draw it out or write.