Today is going to be very hot. We will be looking at sun safety.

1. Can you use paint and colour to Design your own sun hat? You can make this as bright and as colourful as you want maybe you could design a matching pair of flip flops?

2. Can you make a sun safety checklist of what you may need to wear and put on before you go out into the hot weather? 

3. Can you make your own stay safe in the sun poster to remind all the children to protect themselves from the hot weather! 

4. Would you and an adult be able to make your own fruity ice lolly to put in the freezer and to have later when the weather gets very hot?

5. Would you be able to make your own sun visor here is a link for details

6. Can you create your own shadow drawings of your families?

7. Can you complete your own river foil tunnel for your toys? Here is a link to how to complete