Today’s Daily Challenge is ‘pirate’ themed. 

1. Can you make your own treasure chest? Decorate it and use this for the next activity. 

2. Can you create your own treasure hunt? Encourage your child to follow simple clues to find pieces of treasure. You could incorporate numbers/letters into this for older children. Put their treasure chest at the end with their favourite toy or a small treat inside as the final piece of treasure! 

3. Create your own treasure map. Get creative! Can you create a map of your garden or house? Where will you hide the treasure? 

4. For younger babies create your own ‘sensory treasure box’. Cover each side of a cardboard box with different materials e.g foil, cotton wool, cling film etc. Add different sensory items inside the box. Encourage them to explore the different textures. 

5. Can you create your own pirate ship out of boxes? Create a flag to add to your ship. 

6. Can you create your own pirate craft? You could make a telescope or a hat to wear on your pirate adventure! 

7. Can you create your own ‘walk the plank’ in the garden? Practice balancing! 

8. Can you create your own parrot craft? 

9. Create your own treasure dig activity – if you do not have sand, you could use flour. Cut out numbers/letters or shapes or use plastic ones if you have any. Encourage your child to dig for the different pieces of treasure and identify each one they find.