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Daily Challenge – 30th June

Today's daily challenge is based on Mini-beasts: 1. Can you create your own fingerprint caterpillar? Use a fingerprint for his head. Mommy/Daddy will write a number next to your caterpillar; this is how many fingerprints you need to use to make his body. 2. Can you...

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Daily Challenge – 29th June

Today's Daily Challenge is to explore Shapes: 1. Can you find different shapes around the house, exploring the different names, can you take pictures of the different shapes. 2. Can you use the shapes that you have found and categories them altogether eg can you put...

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Daily Challenge – 23rd June

Here are some activities for you to try at home today in the garden: 1. Can you have a go at doing some mark-making using water and a paintbrush on the pavement? Have a go at drawing different shapes, patterns, letters and numbers. Can you write your name? What short...

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Creating a Safe and Happy Environment

UK Family and Lifestyle blogger To Become Mum has written a blog about the measures we've taken to create a safe and happy environment for children! Click here to read the post.

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Daily Challenge – 18th June

Please see below some activity ideas for this very wet and rainy day!  1. Can you create your own alphabet flashcards? If your child is not yet confident with phonic sounds, begin with 's a t p i n'. Write each letter on a flashcard and hide them around your...

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From top down the staff are welcoming and care about the children as individuals. The manager is always available if I have any questions and queries are dealt with swiftly. The nursery building is lovely, providing a light and airy environment with a fabulous garden. My son thoroughly enjoys his time at nursery and I can see his progress. It is hard to believe the nursery has only been open two years-in that time I have seen it flourish.