Todays Daily Challenge is based on Shapes: 

1. Provide a range of different objects and encourage your child to separate them into groups of the same shape. Talk about their features; tall, round etc. 

2. Create your own shape Monsters or Aliens using boxes or craft resources. Cut out a hole for their mouth and encourage your child to feed the monster/alien different shapes objects e.g “Can you feed him all the circle objects?” 

3. Make your own shape train; older children can cut out the shapes independently. For younger children, provide them with different shapes to use for their carriages and encourage them to name them as they stick them on to the paper. Support them to draw circles for the wheels. 

4. Can you write down the names of all the shapes you can find in your house? What can you find that is a Circle/Square etc. Count how many of each you can find and write the total next to each shape name. 

5. Use sticks/stones/leaves etc to make shapes outdoors. 

6. Can you make a shape collage? Or a shape pictures? You could make a house and use a triangle for the roof and squares for the windows. 

7.Begin to talk about the properties of shapes (Pre-school) and how many sides they have. Can you count the sides of a Triangle, Square, Rectangle? Write down how many sides each shape has. 

Have fun!