As part of today’s daily challenge we will be looking at categorising objects: 

1. Draw three circles on the pavement with chalk. (Alternatively on pieces of paper that can be put onto the ground). Label them ‘Small’, ‘Medium’ and ‘Big’. You can simplify this to just small and big for younger children. Go on a hunt around the garden and collect lots of sticks/stones. Can you put them in the correct circles according to size? 

2. Make your own rainbow using toys. Can you seperate your toys into different coloured categories? You could turn this into a game and see how many of each colour you can find. Can you make a list of how many of each colour you have? 

3. Can you use some scales to look at the weight of objects. You could use your toys and see which is the heaviest and which is the lightest? Make a list of what you found and how much they weigh. 

4. Can you go on a material scavenger hunt? Find objects around the house that are soft, hard, smooth, rough, shiny, bumpy etc. Can you create a collage of the different materials found. Tin foil, cling film, cotton wool, leaves, bubble wrap, cardboard etc. 

5. What objects can you find in your house of different shapes? Can you sort these into different shape piles? 

The next part of our daily challenge is some creative challenges: 

1. Can you create your own Minibeast out of stones. Collect some large stones from your garden or on your daily walk. Turn them into a Bee or a Ladybird to make pretty garden decorations. 

2. Babies – If you didn’t manage to join our Zoom session on Monday – Can you make your own animal mask to wear to our ‘Dear Zoo’ zoom session on Friday? 

3. Can you create your own ‘Natural Mobile’. You’ll need to collect 3 big sticks and some smaller natural objects from outdoors. Tie them together with string to make your own mobile decoration to hang outside. 

4. Can you create your own bird feeder to hang in a tree? You could use an old milk bottle and cut the top off or an empty pop bottle. (Have a look online for some ideas). Decorate it and hang it outside!