Today’s daily challenge is based on ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’. 

1. Can you make your own bear hunt sensory bottles; snow, grass, mud, water etc. Have a look online for some ideas! 
2. Listen to the story or watch online. 
3. Create your own sensory bear hunt bare foot walk. Incorporate grass, water, mud and snow (shaving foam/flour/talc etc). 
4. Can you create your own bear craft? 
5. Can you build your own cave for a bear to live inside? You could use a range of different materials from building blocks or cardboard boxes to creative materials. 
6. Can you design your own wellies for walking through the squelchy mud? You could also put your wellies on and make some muddy prints on paper. 
7. Can you create your own bear hunt map. Draw each part of the story (a snowstorm, a river, a forest, grass, mud and a cave). Label each part of your map. 
8. Have a teddy bears picnic! Bring your favourite teddy along. 
9. Can you find out three facts about bears and share them with us? Write these down and send in a photo.