Today’s daily activities will be based around animals, we have included a few different activities for the younger/older children to take part in.

1. Let’s sing the nursery rhyme “Old McDonald had a farm”, together with your child/children explore the different animals within the nursery rhyme, encouraging language by repetition, exploring the different sounds the animals make, talk about where the animals live, what they eat etc

2. Together you could create your own animal puppets/animal masks, then have a puppet show with what you have created

3. Make an Old McDonald tuff tray using lots of different cereals,old materials and natural materials from in the garden such as grass, soil etc

4. Choose one animal from the nursery rhyme and create a fact file about that animal which will include 3 different facts  eg where it lives, what it lives, what colour it is etc.

5. Let’s sing “5 little ducks”, using your fingers together as you sing, encourage your child to repeat/count and say number names with you/after you.

6. explore ducks in water, older children can be encouraged to add/take ducks away to do simple maths.

7. Create your own duck pictures

8. Why not create a checklist of outdoor animals (cats/dogs)Insects/creatures (worms,slugs,beetles) etc  then go into the garden and see how many of them you can find, explore the different colours, sizes, use lots of language together.9. Create bug sensory bottles, so either add soil, grass or water to each bottle with the different creatures in them