Please see below some activity ideas for this very wet and rainy day! 

1. Can you create your own alphabet flashcards? If your child is not yet confident with phonic sounds, begin with ‘s a t p i n’. Write each letter on a flashcard and hide them around your house. Encourage your child to find each letter one at a time and recognise the letter sound/copy the sound after you. Begin to find objects beginning with each letter e.g sss for sock, a for apple. 
You could also do this activity with Number flashcards and encourage counting skills and number recognition. 

2. Toddlers calendar activity is to have a picnic in the garden today! (They will be having a picnic inside instead!). Can you create a den in your house and have your picnic inside your den? What will you bring to your picnic? Can you help prepare the food. 

3. Babies calendar activity is to create textured starfish pictures. Can you create one at home? If you have sand accesible you could use this to decorate your starfish with. If not, you could blend up some cereal to make edible sand to use on your starfish. Maybe you could make some star shapes biscuits and decorate these? 

4. Pre-schools calendar plan activity is to make their own cupcakes; focusing on the measuring of ingredients. Can you do this at home? 

5. Create your own sensory area for your baby. Use tin foil to create a silver blanket for them to lie on/for tummy time. Add lots of sensory materials such as sponges, bottles, rattles, materials etc for them to explore. You could get your baby to help make some sensory bottles by adding pasta to an empty bottle or water/paint/oil. These can be added to their sensory area. 

6. Share your favourite stories with a grown up. Talk about the illustrations and what happens in the story. What is your favourite part? 

7. Can you get dressed in appropriate clothes and wellies and have some fun jumping in puddles? We would love to see your photos/videos. 

8. Make your own cloud craft using cotton wool. Can you make your own umbrella craft too?