Today’s daily challenge is based on Dinosaurs! Please find some activity ideas below: 

1. Make your own fossils – make some salt dough (using 2 cups flour, 1 cup salt and 1 cup water). Form it into a dough and make prints using things such as leaves, toy animal footprints, shells, stones etc. Cook these in the oven for roughly 15 minutes until firm. Let cool and then pant! 

2. Paint your own Dinosaur craft. 

3. Can you create your own Dinosaur factfile? Have a look online for some pictures and choose your favourite. Make your own representation of the Dinosaur and research some facts. What do they eat? Can they fly? Etc. Write these on your fact file. 

4. Make your own ‘fossil find’ activity. Use chalk to draw spots of colour, letters, numbers or shapes on some big stones (depending on what you want to focus on with your child). Hide these in sand or flour and dig! What can you find? 

5. Make your own ‘dinosaur footprints’ cut them out of card or bubble wrap and tie them/cello tape them to your childs feet. Get them to stand in paint and make their own footprints on paper! 

6. Cut out a series of footprint shapes from paper or card. Write letters, numbers or even short words (depending on your child’s ability). Set them out on the floor to make a trail for your child to follow. Encourage them to stand on them one at a time and identify what is written on them. See if they can make it to the end of the trail. 

7. Make your own dinosaur eggs. You can either freeze water in balloons or make your own Fizzy eggs following this recipe

8. Make your own dinosaurs out of playdough. Add pasta to make spikes on your dinosaurs back. 

9. Cut out various shapes and encourage your child to make their own ‘Shape collage Dinosaur’.