Today’s daily challenge is all about Outdoors! Here are some ideas: 

1. Create your own collage outdoors using a range of different natural resources – can you turn it into a person or an animal? Think about what you could use for the eyes, mouth, hair etc. 

2. Can you go on your own scavenger hunt? Write a list of what you’d like to find e.g something green, something smooth, something hard etc. Walk around the garden (or on a daily walk) and see what you can find to match your list. You could use an empty egg box or cardboard box to seperate the different items you find. 

3. The Pre-school children on our zoom call yesterday really enjoyed creating their own ‘Name Collage’. If you didn’t manage to join us, why not have a go today?! Write your name in big letters on a piece of paper/cardboard or even with chalk on the pavement. Use a range of resources to create the letters. 

4. Get a grown up to draw around you on the pavement with chalk. Can you add features to your body? Draw around brothers/sisters or even mommies and daddies! Who is the tallest? 

5. As it is going to be lovely and warm today, we recommend lots of water play outdoors! You could add animals, sea creatures, cars etc to enhance the activity. Or simply a pouring and filling activity always goes down well at nursery! Add jugs, containers, bowls, colanders. With older children this is a great activity to begin to introduce capacity and new language for all. 

6. Have a go at making a ‘Bubble Snake’. We have done this a few times at nursery and the children love it! You will need an empty bottle, an old sock (preferably a child’s sock) and some bubble mixture (just washing up liquid and water will work).…/make-bubble-snake-blow…

7. Draw a series of shapes on the pavement or on a piece of paper outdoors. Fill the shapes with stones/leaves etc to form them. 

8. Create a leaf sensory bag – please see website for further details.