Here are some activities for you to try at home today in the garden:

1. Can you have a go at doing some mark-making using water and a paintbrush on the pavement? Have a go at drawing different shapes, patterns, letters and numbers. Can you write your name? What short words can you sound out?

2. Can you make your own potions/soup using natural resources and water outdoors. What can you add to it? Does your potion give you magic powers?

3. Use a stick to do some mark-making in the soil/mud. What can you write?

4. Can you collect some outdoor resources to make your own nature collage? Can you make a person/animal/scene from your natural resources? For younger babies, make a texture board with different natural resources.

5. Make some ice to explore in the lovely hot weather! Add paint, glitter, sequins, leaves etc to make it more interesting and see how you can melt it!

6. Can you make your own ice lollies? Add water and chopped up fruit and freeze!

7. Can you build a den outside in the garden?

8. Can you help Mommy and Daddy do some gardening outdoors?