Today’s Daily Challenge is to explore Shapes:

1. Can you find different shapes around the house, exploring the different names, can you take pictures of the different shapes.

2. Can you use the shapes that you have found and categories them altogether eg can you put all the circles in a pile, all the squares in a pile and so on.

3, Can you draw your own shapes, then for the older children ask then to write what shape they have drawn, talk about how many sides that shape has etc.

4. Can you explore any shape toys that you may have at home eg, shape sorters, shape jigsaws, give lots of encouragement to your child, talk about what each shape is, then for the younger children use encouragement in order for them to attempt to repeat/name each shape.

5. Can you create your own shape jigsaw using either paper or card, draw some shapes, colour them in then cut them up into jigsaw pieces, then match them back together.

6. Can you find some natural resources from in the garden to create a shape collage, you can use some sticks, stones or even leaves.

7. Can you draw shapes on the patio outside using chalks, ask your child to draw each shape that you say, why not make it into a game where they have to jump to each shape that you say. 

8. Mommy or Daddy can hide some shape flash cards around the garden then encourage you to find the different shape that they say.

9. Can you make some playdough and create your own shapes using this, use shapes cutters or different shaped objects that can be used to mould with.

10. Let’s make some shape sandwiches for tea. Throughout please use lots of language based around shapes, give lots of praise and encouragement throughout also. If your child is confident with naming 2D shapes then why not move on to looking at different shapes.