Today’s daily challenge is based on Mini-beasts:

1. Can you create your own fingerprint caterpillar? Use a fingerprint for his head. Mommy/Daddy will write a number next to your caterpillar; this is how many fingerprints you need to use to make his body.

2. Can you make your own Spider using pegs? Draw a circle for his body and cut it out. Write a number inside his body and peg on the correct amount of legs. Do you know how many legs a spider has? Can you count all the way to that number?

3. Make your own Ladybird craft. Paint/Colour a red circle and draw a black line down the middle. Place a specific amount of spots on one side and encourage your child to place the same amount of spots the other side.

4. Go on a Minibeast hunt in the garden. What did you find? Can you draw/paint a picture of the things you found? Write a list of the insects you found.

5. Go for a walk and find some large stones/rocks. Can you give these a wash and once dry, paint them to create your own ladybird/bumble bee rocks.

6. Create a ‘minibeast house’ for your insects.

7. Can you make some playdough and use your playdough to make some different minibeasts?