Today is World Ocean Day and the children at nursery will be taking part in lots of different Ocean themed activities. We have provided you with some to try at home! 

1. Can you create your own sea creature craft? Jellyfish, Shark, Fish, Octopus 

2. Create your own Ocean picture. Can you paint an Ocean and add lots of different things you might see in the Ocean on to your picture? 

3. Read some stories that are set in the Ocean. Some we will be reading at nursery include; Commotion in the Ocean, Snail and the Whale, Sharing a Shell. All these stories can be found on Youtube if you do not have hard copies. 

4. Can you create your own ‘Ocean Sensory Bag’. Use a ziplock bag and add hair gel or shaving foam to the bag with some blue food colouring. Can you draw your own sea creatures on card to add inside? Seal the bag and make marks using the bags. Alternatively you could make a sensory bottle using an old plastic bottle by adding water and blue paint or food colouring. 

5. If you have any old CD’s lying around, can you make a fish craft using them? Add lots of creative resources such as sequins, glitter etc. On to the CD to decorate. Add fins and a tail to your CD fish. 

6. Can you make your own starfish craft? If you have any bubble wrap, dip this in paint to print on your starfish. If not you could use stones dipped in paint or anything round to make prints on your starfish. 

7. Can you create your own Rainbow Fish biscuits? Use different coloured icing to make scales on your fish. 

8. Can you make some salt dough sea creates? Use 2 cups flour, 1 cup salt and mix into a dough. Cut out different shapes and cook them in the oven until firm. Paint once cooked! 

9. Can you create an under water scene using Ice, shaving foam, blue water (add paint or food colouring) Hide some sea creatures in water before freezing and add this to your under water scene! 

10. Can you learn some under the sea facts and write them down? Pick a sea creature to learn about and see what you can find out!