Reception Class Young Scientists in the Making

The Reception classroom was transformed into a Science laboratory last week when the children completed a practical Science experiment. Using a variety of scientific equipment to develop their wider thinking skills, they had great fun whilst developing problem-solving...

Scientists investigate materials in Year 1

Year One enjoyed investigating properties of materials. We found out which material would be the best to make a waterproof suit for the Gingerbread Man to get safely across the river.

Transition baking day!

Today the children in Transition have been following instructions to bake delicious chocolate chip cookies! We talked about the importance of hand washing before mixing the ingredients and rolling the dough. We then visited the kitchen staff who very kindly showed the...

Year 3 Free Verse Poetry

Year 3 have been producing some lovely poetry which they want to share.  Here are some of their efforts which we hope you enjoy. I am the Rainbow I am a rainbow I am kind I am bright I am yellow I am soft I am fluffy I am violet I am helpful I am funny I am blue I am...


Year 2 enjoyed recreating The Great Fire of London during Curriculum Week.