Ethos and Aims

Our Ethos


The School’s ethos is founded in a number of core beliefs which underpin its relationship with members of its own community and society in general.

    • A safe, caring and happy environment is the essential foundation for a child’s development.
    • Each child is an individual with their own unique blend of abilities, needs, ideas and aspirations, and should be nurtured as such.
    • Each child deserves the opportunity to achieve their full potential in every field of endeavour.
    • Education is an exciting, fulfilling, life-long process which we are privileged to guide in its early stages.
    • Respect, fairness, tolerance and compassion should always characterise our approach towards others.
    • Service to the wider community is central to our outlook.
    • Religious, cultural and social diversity is to be valued and celebrated.


Our Aims


In seeking to give full effect to its ethos, the school aims to do the following: 


    • To foster a culture in which the safeguarding of each child is paramount.
    • To promote a positive, supportive, family atmosphere which empowers each child to learn, develop and thrive.
    • To provide pastoral care which supports and nurtures each child as an individual.
    • To encourage and challenge each child to develop fully their skills and interests, whilst ensuring that they are not afraid to make mistakes.
    • To fuel each child’s passion for learning with a curriculum which is stimulating, exciting and challenging.
    • To encourage independent thought and intellectual curiosity.
    • To emphasise in every area of school life the importance of honesty, good manners, goodwill and mutual respect.
    • To inspire each child to be a caring and responsible citizen who strives to make a positive contribution to the community.
    • To acknowledge and celebrate the rich diversity of religious, cultural and social backgrounds within the school community and beyond.