Ethos and Aims

Our ethos comes from what we believe in – passionately: that each child is an individual to be nurtured; that a happy and caring environment is the bedrock of a child’s development; that good manners and respect for others are values which should never be compromised; that working hard and playing hard go hand-in-hand; that cultural and religious diversity is to be celebrated; and that education is an exciting, life-long process which starts with us here at Norfolk House School.

In preparing Norfolk House School children for a happy and successful life, we aim:

●  to provide all our children with opportunities to achieve their academic potential;

●  to develop an enquiring mind within a family environment where they feel valued and which addresses all aspects of the children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development;

●  to promote an atmosphere where they feel fulfilled, confident and emotionally literate;

●  to equip our pupils to grow as caring and responsible citizens who will accept responsibility and make a positive contribution to the community and society;

●  to encourage a lifelong enthusiasm for learning;

●  to understand the importance of manners, respect for each other and the value of working and living together productively.

●  to maintain an environment in which children are safe, happy and motivated.

●  to encourage mutual respect, tolerance and understanding.