Early Years

The learning journey begins…

Calm, engaging and filled with opportunities to learn, our Early Years classrooms are led by nurturing, fully qualified teachers. We provide a safe, happy and vibrant learning environment where each child is given every possible opportunity to thrive socially and academically.

Our Early Years curriculum is carefully designed to gently introduce children to more structured learning. Not only will they begin to learn to read, write and use numbers with confidence, they will also develop fundamental skills and values. Our kind, passionate Early Years specialists structure each day to teach the seven key elements of the Early Years Foundation Stage, developing pupils’ confidence and capabilities.

Teachers harness the joy of learning and discovery, supporting children to form friendships, independence and their own identity. These exceptional foundations give Norfolk House children valuable attributes for life.

We offer a blended Nursery and Reception curriculum across our Early Years classes. For children who thrive on challenge, this unique teaching structure offers exciting opportunities. Phonics, Literacy and Mathematics are taught in three distinct learning groups across Transition and Reception, each led by a qualified teacher. Each child joins the group which is best aligned to their individual needs. Our mixed teaching group offers scope for gifted Transition children to thrive as well as additional academic support for children in Reception. Nestled between our more traditional Transition and Reception classroom, our third classroom enables every child to make excellent progress in their own time, and reflects the School’s commitment to bespoke education.

Twice-yearly parents’ evenings and termly reports ensure that parents are always well-informed on their child’s development and progress.

Transition (ages 3 and 4)

In our Transition classroom, children develop the essential building blocks of learning: confidence, communication and independence of thought and choice. Our youngest pupils learn through an effective blend of structured, adult-led teaching and play. They absorb the principles of phonics, early writing and mathematics during daily active, focused and progressive lessons.

Our rigorous, broad curriculum is based on a half termly topic that lends itself to cross curricular learning. The three prime areas, Physical Development, Communication and Language and Personal, Social and Emotional Development, underpin all learning in the Early Years. Children engage in a blend of play-based activities that are both adult-led and child-initiated, creative and active, indoors and outdoors. From the age of three children enjoy an impressive range of extra-curricular activities including tennis, music, art and Forest School, all led by specialist teachers.

Reception (ages 4 and 5)

Whilst sharing the same ethos and values as our Prep School, our Reception class offers a smooth and natural progression from our Transition Class.

Children in Reception build on their foundational learning in all seven areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage. They investigate the same half termly topic as Transition children, albeit at a more advanced level, and enjoy areas of continuous provision but with the structure of each day becoming increasingly formal.

Our creative curriculum ensures all learning styles are catered for and pupils are engaged and curious about the topics studied. Phonics, Literacy and Mathematics remain discrete subjects, whilst subject specialists teach art, music, tennis, PE and Forest School. Low threshold, high-ceiling lessons and teachers experienced in differentiation, mean that children benefit from an individualised balance of careful scaffolding and exposure to Year 1 curriculum aims.

We always challenge children to go further, supporting them throughout. The result is a positive, motivational atmosphere where children consistently achieve exceptional results.

Our focus on getting to know each child means we deliver our Early Years curriculum in a manner best suited to the individual. When the time comes for our Reception children to move up to Key Stage 1, they are prepared and confident for this next exciting stage in their educational journey.