Upper School – Years 3 and 4

Growing in confidence…

At this stage of their education, our children build solidly on the core skills they have developed in earlier years. They are guided and encouraged in developing greater independence, both inside and outside the classroom. They flourish as self-motivated and engaged learners and members of a community.

Specialist subject teaching is introduced for the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science, in addition to those of STEM, Art, Spanish, PE and Music. Children are introduced to more complex concepts and techniques, and they are challenged to develop resilience and perseverance for higher levels of learning. Their school day increases by 30 minutes. Preparation for the secondary stage of their academic careers starts to gather momentum, carefully tailored to their individual needs. They are encouraged to become hungry learners, and our Science and STEM curricula provide ever increasing scope for investigation and experimentation. At every stage of their development they are very closely supported by experienced and empathetic staff who place their well-being at the centre of every activity, and provide highly bespoke care.

Team sports such as football, hockey, netball, cricket and tag rugby are introduced to the curriculum in Year 3, and children have the opportunity to participate in competitive matches and tournaments against local schools. They start using our dedicated sports facilities at nearby Avery Fields and benefit from expert coaching. As well as encouraging teamwork and developing potentially life-long interests, organised sport at this level fosters friendship, character, mutual respect and resilience. Short residential trips are also introduced which complement classroom learning and encourage independence within a highly supportive environment.


I just wanted to express the extreme satisfaction I got from the time spent with Year 3 and 4 this week. I have to say that the engagement I received from all the children felt so gratifying. They are all a credit to their teachers and to Norfolk House School.