Becoming a rounded individual…

Our children are given every opportunity and encouragement in the classroom to reach their full academic potential. But taking part in co-curricular activities is also an essential part of their learning and development. It promotes wellbeing and helps them to become well-rounded individuals with a range of interests and skills which they will draw upon in later life. Our children really value the opportunities provided by our co-curriculum to follow their passions; express themselves freely and creatively; enhance their social and leadership skills; develop their self-discipline, resilience and perseverance; and to collaborate with other children from different age groups.

We offer a number of clubs which meet during the lunch break or after school each day. Some are run by teaching staff at the school, and others by visiting professionals. They include sports such as football, tag rugby and martial arts; musical activities such as choir and orchestra; creative pursuits such as Comic Club, Construction Club, Poetry Club and Coding Club; and activities which relax and stimulate the mind and body, such as Yoga and Mindfulness. Our offering is refreshed each term to enable the children to enjoy as wide a range of activities as possible.

From Year 1 children are able to take elocution lessons which enhance their communication skills in a variety of ways. They learn to articulate words clearly, project their voices and modulate their tone, as well as improve their grammar and vocabulary. They develop as confident communicators with their own style, whether on the public stage or in everyday dialogue. They work towards qualifications awarded by the London Academy of Dramatic Arts.

We organise visits each term to places which will inspire and encourage our young learners on their educational journeys. Whether spending a night in the cells at the Police Museum in Birmingham, watching an international tennis tournament, visiting an aerospace museum or going to the theatre, our children experience a richly diverse programme of trips throughout the year. Our Year 6 children spend several days on a residential course learning bushcraft.

There are also inter-school competitions in subjects such as debating and Maths which our children enjoy and excel in. And we invite many interesting visitors to our school who fire our children’s imagination with talks and demonstrations, ranging from ballet dancers to falconers.

The importance of giving back to the community is emphasised throughout the entire school. Children of all ages are regularly engaged in raising money for charitable causes, or collecting food for food banks. We aim to foster within our children a keen sense of compassion towards those less fortunate, which remains with them for life.


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