Holiday Club

Holiday Club…

We will be running Holiday Club throughout the Summer holidays for the following weeks 12/07, 19/07, 16/08, 23/08 and 31/08.

The children will be taking part in lots of fun activities and, weather and COVID restrictions permitting, trips out to places such as the Botanical Gardens.

The cost of Holiday Club will be £35 for each day or £30 for each day where five consecutive days are booked. If you would like to reserve a place for your child please complete the enrolment form and return to Miss Thorpe as soon as possible.


Please click the links below to view the Holiday Enrolment Forms.

Holiday Club Enrolment Form w/c 12/7/21

Holiday Club Enrolment Form w/c 19/7/21

Holiday Club Enrolment Form w/c 16/8/21

Holiday Club Enrolment Form w/c 23/8/21

Holiday Club Enrolment Form w/c 31/8/21 (Tuesday and Wednesday only)



Please click this link to view the Holiday Club Terms and Conditions

Holiday Club Policies

1a. NHS Holiday Club administration of medication policy

1b. NHS Holiday Club Complaints policy

1c. NHS Holiday Club evacuation procedures

1d. NHS Holiday Club Equalities Policy

1e. NHS Holiday Club EYFS policy

1f. NHS Holiday Club Health and Safety Policy

1g. NHS Holiday Club Missing child procedure

1h. NHS Holiday Club Safeguarding Policy

1i. NHS Holiday Club Code of Conduct

1j. NHS Holiday Club Child Collection Policy

2b. NHS Holiday Club Administration of medication form

1k. NHS Holiday Club Visitors

‘Due to your supervision and all your efforts [our child] is more confident and hard-working’.