Headmistress’ Welcome

Nurturing excellence…

At Norfolk House we are firm believers that a happy and nurturing environment brings out the best in children. Keeping class sizes small, focusing on the individual needs of each child and promoting good manners and mutual respect, are among the things we do to create a close-knit, mutually supportive community with a family atmosphere.

Academic success is our focus and has forged our reputation. Our children work hard and are challenged to achieve their full potential. The majority of them move on to one of the outstanding local authority Grammar Schools. Others choose to attend some of the excellent Independent schools in the Midlands. Wherever they go after leaving us, our children are well equipped for the next stage in their academic careers.

But life at Norfolk House is not all about 11+ preparation. Our curriculum is broad and engaging. While meeting the requirements of the National Curriculum, we have the freedom to adapt our teaching to suit the interests of individuals and to encourage children to become independent learners. Beyond the classroom, we believe in enabling children to develop individual talents and enthusiasms, whether sporting, musical or dramatic; and an enthusiastic and active Pupil Leadership Team provides children with a voice as well as responsibility. Fostering close partnerships with parents adds a further, very important dimension to our children’s learning experience.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to see the school in action. I would be delighted to meet you.

Susannah Palmer