Year 3 have been producing some lovely poetry which they want to share.  Here are some of their efforts which we hope you enjoy.

I am the Rainbow

I am a rainbow

I am kind I am bright

I am yellow

I am soft I am fluffy

I am violet

I am helpful I am funny

I am blue

I am angry I am hot

I am red

I am nice I am peaceful

I am orange

I am dreamy I am love

I am green

I am the rainbow

 By Eleni


I am the Rainbow

I am the rainbow that shines every wet day. I am blue as the sky and water. The yellow sun pops out of nowhere; this morning I am green as grass. I am pink as a blossom sprouting. I am red as anger and lava. I am the rainbow.

By Haiden



I am the seasons.

I am winter,

cold, spiky.

I am autumn,

leaves on the ground.

I am spring,

blossoming, blooming.

I am summer,

hot, sunny days.

I am the seasons.

 By Carter


The Seasons

I am Summer

hot and boiling.

Children playing outside

Under the sunlight.

I am winter, leaves off trees, freezing and icy.

I am autumn

boiling and freezing.

Children running around.

I am Spring

Hot like Summer

And cold like winter.

The Seasons.

By Dylanvir




Batting, running,

Sweating, run-outs,

Catching, falling, diving,

Injured, winning, losing.


 By Jaiden



Hot, sticky, season

Orange, yellow, red swirl

Boiling and baking like an oven

As hot as the sun

Smells like fresh roses and freshly mowed grass

Hot, sticky, season.

By Ava