We were very excited when we learnt that we had been picked for the 140th Hallfield Cross Country Running Competition. When we arrived at the event, we had to walk the course – it seemed quite a complicated route although it was well-signposted. We were quite nervous because we thought we might get lost during the race! However, it was easier than it looked. Thomas ran in the 1200 metre boys’ race while Joseph ran in the 2400 metre boys’ race – about 1.5 miles! We very much enjoyed the race but our hearts really hurt with all the pounding! We were completely exhausted afterwards but very satisfied with ourselves at having completed it successfully without stopping. Our team results were surprisingly good considering that we had only eight of us in the competition – some schools had loads of children involved. We all enjoyed the cookies and hot chocolate at the end!
By Joseph and Thomas Simmonds, Years 6 and 3