A recent Maths lesson in Reception involved the children learning about the properties of a cube. During one activity the children had the opportunity to construct larger cubes using 8 mini cubes. Once the children had made many of these larger cubes, I demonstrated how to build an even bigger cube with 8 of their cube constructions. The enormous cube was assembled using 512 mini cubes and the children were wowed by the big number!

The children were extremely enthusiastic and the conversation between them developed as follows:

“I’ve made two big cubes now.”

“So have I. I’m making another one now.”

“Let’s put them together and make another enormous one.”

“How many have you done?”

“I’m doing another one and I’ve got 4 here.”

I then showed the children that they could construct a gigantic cube using 8 of their larger constructions. 

“Wow! Mrs Hifle, that’s amazing!”

“I don’t think we will have enough little cubes.”

“Let’s just keep building and see.”

Look I’ve made another big cube.”

“Put it next to my cube. Press hard so it clicks.”

“Wow! Look at it now.”

“We are making a ginormous cube.”

“Yes it is super big. Really, really big.”

“This is amazing!”

“Wow! Wow! Wow! Look at this. It is huge.”

“That was fun.”

“Can we keep it, or do we have to tidy away?”

“Yeah! That’s good we can keep it because it will take a big time to do it again.”

“Look everyone. Look at our ginormous cube!”