Who or what is your Goliath?

On the 10th of February 2019 I attended a special service at  St. Faith and St. Laurence Church in Harborne.

As well as the Church Choir being there, some pupils from West House School for Boys (which is Mrs. Palmer’s previous school) also attended and sung along. Mrs. Palmer sings beautifully in the Church Choir, and Mr. Palmer is both the Organist and Choirmaster. Two musicians from Camp Hill Boys played string instruments. I also came along to represent Norfolk House School by joining the singers.

It was a truly enjoyable one hour long service which spread an important message to trust in God, like young David did when he vanquished big Goliath, and to always keep faithful and hopeful. Everything, especially the singing was brilliant, and there was a very funny David and Goliath re-enactment during the service. I had an amazing time and loved being a part of the singing group.

Report by Joshua, Year 6. 10-02-2019