Between 22nd and 24th May 2017, Mr Champs, Miss Gill and Year 6 travelled to Cornbury Park in Oxfordshire for a three day Bushcraft experience.

On arrival, we had a 30 minute walk to base camp with our camp leaders. When we got there, we were given a safety talk and shown our tents, along with the field kitchen where our cook was preparing food for us.

During our stay, we took part in lots of different activities, including shelter building, camouflage, Tribes got Talent and freshwater lake swimming, which, according to the children, was very cold!

We all slept in tents and had our food cooked over the fire, which was delicious. The menu ranged from lamb kebabs to pannassed salmon, with hot chocolate before bed.

On our last day, the children took part in a Bushcraft challenge, which used all the skills they had learnt over the first two days.

The Bushcraft trip was an amazing experience, where teamwork was the key to success.

Reporter: Mr Champs